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Company Formation in Taiwan China

Overview :

With limited resources and a population of 23 million in an area the size of Canterbury, Taiwan isone of Asia’s classic post World War II success stories.Today, hi-tech businesses account for more than half of Taiwan’s exports. These businesses capitalise on what is arguably Taiwan’s greatest competitive advantage – the ability to rapidly commercialise technology and bring new products to market.

Advantages of Incorporating Business in China
  •  Located at the heart of the Asia-Pacific region
  • OEM & ODM centre of the world for high-tech products
  • Adjacent to the centre of the world economic growth
  • Integrated into the Greater China economic circle
  • 43.7% of the workforce with college, university or higher education background
  • Complete international transportation facilities and logistic capability
  • Quality and inexpensive utilities and telecommunication services
  • The protections for foreign investment are clearly stipulated in the regulations
  • Mature and active securities and stock exchange market
  • More stable exchange rate, fair capital fund costs and interest rates
Attractive Tax Regime

There is no late filing penalty.

  • Domestic entities are taxed on a worldwide basis, while other entities pay tax only on income sourced in Taiwan. All gains and losses on the disposal of capital assets are taxable as current year income or deductible as expenses with the exception of marketable securities, futures and land.
  • VAT at 5% is known as the business tax and applies to business persons in all industries under the VAT system.

Types of entities

Representative Office:

It is the simplest and fastest way to establish a presence in Taiwan without the status of legal person. Through this we can perform juristic activities such as negotiating executing contracts, giving quotations, negotiating prices and doing tendering and procurement work in Taiwan for the company. No capital requirement It is a form that many foreign companies take during early development stages of investing in Taiwan. A representative office is basically a legal agent of the foreign company. Only businesses recognized as legally established companies in a foreign country are allowed to establish a representative office in Taiwan.


According to Company Act of Taiwan, a branch of a foreign company has the same rights and obligations as a domestic company. A branch is not an independent legal entity; the head office assumes all liabilities left unsettled by the branch. No requirements for a branch to have shareholders, directors or supervisors. The branch manager is the responsible person for the branch. A branch office has the tax advantages of no retained earnings surtax and no withholding tax on after tax profits


There are two types of company in Taiwan, a limited company and a company limited by shares. Both types of company possess legal person status, liability of each shareholder limited to capital contribution. A foreign company or individual may set up a company for the purpose of doing business in Taiwan.

Time Period

It usually takes 33 days to set up a business in Taiwan China.