Crowdfuding Consultancy

Both equity and reward based Crowdfunding has become one of the most exciting and accessible means to fundraise for entrepreneurial projects. The success of many platforms, have inspired both entrepreneurs and established businesses to re-think their strategy around the crowd.

We have been involved in crowdfunding from the beginning. Having launched our first campaign in 2016, we know what works and what doesn’t.

Our Methods

  • Campaign Planning

    We plan the practical steps to implement your campaign.

  • Page Construction

    Your page layout plays a huge role in telling your story effectively.

  • Building your crowd

    You can’t crowdfund without a crowd! We help to get you noticed by the right people.

  • Message & Story

    We work with you to convey your story in an effective style through both words and imagery.

  • Communication

    We help you to identify the language to communicate you campaign. We assist you with email marketing, social media marketing and PR.

  • Analysing the results

    At Finlaw we follow up on all our projects to ensure they deliver and backers will come back to them again and again.

what Work

What Works

  • Only fools rush in. A clear campaign plan and adequate preparation time are fundamental prior to launch. Adhere to the principle of MVA – Minimum Viable Amount. Justify your funding target by breaking it down into meaningful segments that are attributed to clear needs.
  • Realising that crowdfunding is not a quick fix. Perhaps you think this might be an easy way to secure funding? No way. Get ready for some of the busiest months of your life and ensure you create a realistic time-plan and team around you to deliver against it.
  • Taking time to cultivate your crowd and influencers BEFORE you launch. Your chosen platform, equity or reward, will not deliver the audience for you. You pre-launch efforts will achieve this, if you don’t tell people about your campaign no one will see it!

what Work

What Doesn’t Work

  • Spending money on general PR in blind faith that it will actually make a major difference. (We are sure there are examples of where this has happened, but please don’t rest your campaign’s chances of success on it).
  • Maybe you think your product is so great that it can’t fail? Oh yes it can. The hard work is done before you go live. Take short-cuts and fail.
  • Creating a beautiful campaign video but leaving people scratching their heads as to what you want them to do as a result of watching it. Again, an epically re-occuring theme, before you sign off the video test it on your friends and family.
what Work


1) Define

What is the real campaign objective? What is the minimum viable amount we need for success? Defining the key objectives.

2) Design

How will we achieve our objectives? This is the agreed approach and methodology behind a campaign.

3) Develop

Advocacy & engagement. This usually involves networking and online marketing tactics to ensure campaign uptake.

4) Deliver

The campaign go-live – the final step in delivering the agreed strategy is to launch the campaign and execute pre-agreed activities.

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How We Can Help

    Develop campaign graphics and promotional material.

    Help structure campaign funding target and reward tiers.

    Develop and cultivate engaged audience during pre-launch.

    Create campaign timeline and plan.

    Use our trusted, experienced partners to support with PR and Video.

    Decide on the best platform – it isn’t as straightforward as you think.

    Help to set-up events to promote a campaign, before, during and after.

    More than 66% of crowdfunding campaigns fail, so consider your next steps with care.


We’re all about quality before quantity and want to do our best to make sure that our partnership throughout your campaign is the right one. We’re transparent in our approach and seek campaigns that we have greater confidence will achieve the desired outcomes of the campaign owner. Crowdfunding isn’t just about the money.

We help clients

  • Garner major global distribution offers for their products.
  • Craft their pitches and make introductions that have earned media in industry publications and major news networks.
  • Benefit from honest customer feedback and backer support.
  • Develop significant online communities and build substantial social media followings.

    Over the years our process has evolved and we’ve taken the winning strategies from our experience to consistently improve the outcomes of the crowdfunding campaign owners that we partner with. Our team members works in-house and has served critical roles on our client’s crowdfunding campaigns.

    Get in touch

    Finlaw is a leading consultancy firm in India, which has developed a high specialization in the field of commercial & corporate law. Our consultancy firm is a team of highly qualified and experienced lawyers.


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