Initial Coin Offering


We connect you to the global blockchain professionals, legal experts and social media specialist who can guide you through the process of ICO; for that you can rely on us to carry out to the highest standard.


Right from conceptualization to marketing; our highly experienced network of global associates can develop solutions that guarantee a success.


Our digital marketing and PR associates will closely work for your media outreach to right kind of audience, who will participate in your ICO process.


Our global associates, blockchain experts will support you in all aspects of smart contract development process and cyber security.

Legality and regulatory

Our international associates will guide you on jurisdiction, token structure and other core functionality to launch your ICO.


  • Smart Contract
  • Analyzing Your Product/Service
  • Proposing Blockchain Solutions
  • Smart Contract Management System
  • Crowdsale Management
  • Book Building platform
  • Best team of developers for technology implementation.


  • Legal analysis and recommendations of your concept
  • Legal view on over all ICO
  • Revert legal services & continual support
  • Setup of all legal documents
  • Related Purchase Agreement
  • Helping in Writing Whitepaper
  • Comply with Regulatory Standard
  • Make it legally full proof


  • Article distribution at major publications
  • Access to our connections in media and journalists
  • Writing editing and distributing press releases
  • Listing of your ICO
  • speaking opportunities at major conferences and events
  • Applying social media strategy
  • community management support
If you are a Investor, please find answer of following question before trusting any ICO,If you like the idea of Innovation then think to participate,don't invest your hard earn money

What is the legal status of the corporate entity behind the ICO?

Who are the lead individuals running the project and do they have verifiable publicly available profiles?

Is there a White Paper, including a breakdown of how the token sale is structured and the total number of tokens that will ultimately be in circulation?

Is there a breakdown of how the token will be distributed?

Is there a vesting schedule for the project’s team?

Is the blockchain open and public and is the code published, for example on popular source code repository Github?

Does the project have a website, social media and other media assets?

How are funds held?

Is there a prototype, minimum viable product or trial underway?

What are the funds raised going to be used for?

When will the tokens be tradeable?

How will the tokens be distributed after the sale ends?

Does anyone else (the loudmouth at the bar doesn’t count) think it’s a good idea?

Does the project have partnerships or backing from VCs and/or established tech or other companies ?

What competition does the project face in its chosen marketplace?

Are contact details available?

Where is the ICO company based ?

Sounds too good to be true ?


Finlaw will connect you to global blockchain experts, attorney and social media experts to make sure that your whole ICO process will be a smooth ride and you should not get in any kind of technical or legal mishaps.





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