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Multistate Co-Operative Society

Registration & Licencing for Credit Society, Group Housing Society, Consumer Co-operative Society, marketing co-operative society.


Without following legal path for running MSCS can put you in real trouble, We help you to run your society as per MSCS Act 2002.We will help you by providing information on different Act and run your society smoothly.


Our full time associate CA and CS will help your society to run as per the Accounting Standard. Our professionals will visit your society registered office and Branch office in each 4 months time for Audit purpose.We will take care of your societies Accounting and Auditing Matter.


As per MSCS Act 2002,you cann't start anything new in your society until unless your bye laws being amended .Electiopn also major role in MSCS ,So we do take care of your election procedure and amendment.

Current Article
Detailed Services of Multipurpose Co-Operative Society Related to Legal Side & Cooperative Advisory
Multipurpose Society is the best for Starting Micro Insurance.
  • Guiding you in due diligence in day to day affaire.
  • Consultancy on Legal Notice Preparation to Society Defaulters under society rules.
  • Consultancy on Legal action on Contribution.
  • Consultancy on Legal Notice to errant member of the Co-operative Society.
  • Consultancy on Legal Notice to errant Managing Committee/ Office Bearers of the Co-operative Society.
  • Legal Notice/ Complaints handling to various authorities by your inmate.
  • Other Legal Service (from our Panel of Legal Experts)
  • Advice on Management of affairs of Society.
  • Advising on procedure to be followed for obtaining documents from member and general member
  • Advising on How to operate a Society Bank account and adopt sound & profitable financial policies for a Co-operative society.
  • Advising on how to resolve internal Society disputes and issues peacefully & amicably.
  • Advising on Rights of General Members and Chief promoters of the society.
  • Advising on Rights of Managing Committee Members of the society.
  • Advising on Nomination .
  • Advising on Alteration/ Modification of schemes in a Co-operative society.
  • Advising on Redressal of Complaints of members.
  • Drafting Rules & formulating policies for maintaining Internal discipline in the Co-operative Society.
  • Internal & Statutory Co-operative Audit in each six months apart from your regular audit you conduct by us;
  • Maintaining all Statutory Registers as required under Rule
  • Maintaining Society Minutes Books;
  • Managing Disputes & Recovery of Society Dues.
  • Opinion and Society Documents Scrutiny.
  • Society documents Scrutiny as per latest circular from Central government;
  • Attending Meetings of Societies and providing Legal Advice;  
fund raising from govt. department . (Other fees Involve)
  • In Case of Agricultural Society - NABARD
  • Micro  Insurance .
  • Self Help Group application form global co -operative union .
Project Investment Advisory (Other fees Involve)
  • On ware housing cold storage.
  • Animals Husbandry
  • Floriculture
  • Housing
Auditing Policy :
  • Apart from your regular audit,we also conduct one over all audit to find out regulatory deficit.
  • We audit once in  4 months for two days and prepare report on the same for Chief Promoter and group of directors.
  • We arrange awareness meeting in each 4 months for board of directors and chief promoters.
Our Service Fees :
Terms and Condition :
  • Our Auditor travelling cost and accomodation cost has to be beared by Society.Max auditor
  • All communication to any one of your branch and HO expenditure has to be taken care by Society.
  • Any fees related to association of third party with Society has to be beared
In 3 Installment Each installment at the end of one Qtr
In 3 Installment Each installment at the end of one Qtr
In 3 Installment Each installment at the end of one Qtr