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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is the procedure for settling disputes without litigation, such as arbitration, mediation, or negotiation. ADR procedures are usually less costly and more expeditious. They are increasingly being utilized in disputes that would otherwise result in litigation, including high-profile labor disputes, divorce actions, and personal injury claims.

One of the primary reasons parties may prefer ADR proceedings is that, unlike adversarial litigation, ADR procedures are often collaborative and allow the parties to understand each other's positions. ADR also allows the parties to come up with more creative solutions that a court may not be legally allowed to impose




A process similar to an informal trial where an impartial third party hears each side of a dispute and issues a decision; the parties may agree to have the decision be binding or non-binding.

Binding and Non-Binding

A binding decision is a ruling that the parties must abide be whether or not they agree with it; a non-binding decision is a ruling that the parties may choose to ignore.


An impartial person given the power to resolve a dispute by hearing each side and coming to decision.


A proceeding in which evidence and arguments are presented, usually to a decision maker who will issue ruling.


A collaborative process where a mediator works with the parties to come to a mutually agreeable solution; mediation is usually non-binding.



  • Arbitration
  • Dispute prevention
  • Drafting dispute resolution and arbitration clauses
  • Fact-finding
  • Mediation
  • Mini-trials
  • Negotiation
  • Risk management
  • Settlement conferencing

Things To Considerations While Hiring Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Attorney

Even though Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR is intended to reduce the costs, stress, and formality associated with going to court, many parties still hire attorneys to represent them at ADR proceedings. They also seek out pre-proceeding consultations about possible solutions or strategies. Just as with any legal dispute, you should hire an attorney with experience in your particular legal issue who also is familiar with the collaborative process of ADR.

Additionally, arbitrators and mediators are often lawyers. Rather than hiring a lawyer to represent each party in an ADR proceeding, some parties agree to hire a single lawyer to act as an impartial third party to guide the resolution and ensure that all solution proposals are legal.

If you are involved in a legal issue that you would like to be resolved through ADR, contact an ADR lawyer immediately to explore your legal options.

International Dispute Resolution Services

Resolving disputes between nations and parties or between parties residing in or doing business in different countries can be highly complex. The legal procedures of each country differ, and international laws such as the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, which provides the primary means to sue foreign sovereigns in the United States, often offer only a partial solution, if any.

At Finlaw Consultancy, we have been resolving legal disputes for more than 10 years. Our legal associates are highly knowledgeable and experienced international attorney who has assisted foreign sovereigns, major corporations including foreign and domestic banks and commercial companies and individuals and dynastic families worldwide. The firm offers clients comprehensive international dispute resolution services with a special emphasis on recovering debts internationally, including assets owed to satisfy judgments and arbitral awards.



Each international case is different, and each client has different needs. However, we at Finlaw has certain qualities as an international lawyer that clients with a complex international claim, money judgment or arbitral award may find particularly useful:

Worldwide representation

As an international legal consultancy, we is able to resolve disputes worldwide. Although much client intake and dispute resolution can be handled through telephone conferences, email correspondence and local representation, we are also available to travel anywhere in the world for the benefit of our clients.

Dispute resolution skills

Depending on the case and the client, different methods of dispute resolution are more effective at different times. As a Professional legal consultant we have both an international litigation attorney and international arbitration lawyer, as well as instructor in the art of international negotiation, Finlaw consultancy gives clients the best opportunity for efficient and effective resolution in each dispute.

Ability to provide a complete resolution

We are one of the only legal consultant with expertise in international debt collection. As an attorney with high-level contacts all over the world, we are well in positioned to gather information and trace and recover hidden assets of foreign defendants on behalf of clients and other attorneys. Through this special area of expertise, we are able to fully resolve clients’ disputes, from obtaining the initial judgment or arbitral award to recovering the debt.



Fully resolving an international dispute can be a very difficult legal procedure because of the number of parties and laws intertwined in the process and the difficulty of enforcing judgments and awards when they are actually obtained. Our team at Finlaw has a significant expertise in international laws and vast experience dealing with international parties. He does not hesitate to take on complicated legal matters.