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The debt recovery or collection business could be a comparatively new thought in India. Like several trendy tools, this business was additionally introduced to India. In India, debt recovery was never treated as a specialised job and was perpetually treated united of the roles that legal departments of the banks and financials establishments were needed to undertake. Legal department would approach the recovery the gathering job strictly as a legal issue instead of doing it with the target of revenue collection. For legal department, the sole tool accessible was proceeding and no different non-litigation case was applied. Long and winding legal processes, the Indian system could not facilitate the reason for the legal departments of the banks.

Need help with debt collection Having problems collecting your accounts receivable debt? Do you know something is wrong but not sure what? It is sometimes hard to see staff and system problems when dealing with a department on a day to day basis. Objectivity and an ability to look at the whole picture is a major benefit with debt collection consultants.

It is one of the largest Commercial Debt Collection network in India, having specialization in debt collection in the normal course or through legal means both within India or abroad. Our debt collection’s attorney are located in all part of India.

Whether the problem is collection training, systems or risk management, our consultants will be able to nail down a solution that will increase and speed up your cash flow. In most cases all it takes is a few system tweaks and training. Increased efficiencies and quicker cash flow, more than pays for the cost of our debt collection consultants.