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Cyber Forensics

We are providing full range of cyber forensic services. Our team of experts in Cyber Forensics provide services to prevent, investigate and fix increasing cybercrime, financial frauds with digital forensic tools.

We investigate Data security, Network security and Software security with technical aspects to find out loopholes from where your systems can be affected by cyber-attacks. Our team also investigates and fixes the loop holes to restrict cybercrime attacks. We preserve the evidence collected during the forensic investigation to withstand legal scrutiny for the purpose of cybercrime litigation.

We also deliver comprehensive services in case of domestic or international cybercrime investigation such as electronic delivery, advising on preservation, collection and presentation of collected evidence in court.

We also check and assess your System risk and based on that we train can train Organisations on Security measures to be implemented.

We guide our clients to develop strong Cyber Security Policy in their organisation. In case of your system has been affected by any cyber-attack then our team can investigate and fix such issue and provide you the evidence collected during investigation to make your litigation strong along with handling the entire litigation.

Cyber Forensic services provided by us are:

  • Operating Systems Forensics
  • Data Forensics and Recovery
  • File Security and Recovery
  • Smartphone Forensics
  • Mobile call analysis
  • Web Forensics and investigations
  • Detection of media from smart phones
  • Detection of Text messages from mobile phones