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Finlaw Legal Services is a premier organization in cyber law advisory,cybercrime consultancy, cyber law compliance audit, cyber security services,cyber forensics services and cyber trainings (law, security & forensics) with keypersonals who are technology graduates (IT, Security & Forensic), lawgraduates, master’s in cyber laws & ethical hackers.

Finlaw Legal Services began with main objective to provide end to end solutions in Cyber world issues by providing services like

  • Encrypted Storage Services
  • Mobile Application Security Audit.
  • Web Application Security Audit.
  • Network Security Audit.
  • End to End Services for Cyber Insurance and other Liability Insurance.


01 | Crime Cases

We specialize in Cyber Law Advisory.

02 |E-commerce Legal Compliance

We have a very vast experience.

03 | Data Privacy and Compliance

The Information Technology.

04 |Blockchain Legal Compliance

First, let’s understand meaning.

05 |​​Information Technology Law Audits

​​Information Technology Law Audits.

06 |IPR In Cyberspace

Intellectual Property Rights.

07 |Internet Of Things (IoT) Laws

With the advent of Smart Techn.

08 |​​Smart City Legal Compliance

​​We are the only Law Firm in.

09 |Legal Complaince in FinTech

We have worked extensively with.

10 |Artificial Intelligence Laws

Till now the law governs.

11 |​​Digital Health Care Compliance

As Healthcare institutes are.

12 |Digital Legacy Management

Our team has a vast knowledge.

13 |Online Gaming Laws

Our firm is the only one in India

14 |Social Media Crimes

Social media in today's times is a part.

15 |Online Reputation Management

Our Firm is the best in the Industry.

16 |Digital Entertainment and Media Laws

Digital Entertainment and Media.

17 |Cyber Forensics

Cyber Forensic services.

18 |Cyber Security

As the cyber crime rates are.

19 |GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) Legal Compliances:

As the government is making legal.

20 |Cyber Crime Investigation

Our company has a team.


Cyber Security

As the cyber crime rates are increasing we need to Secure our Computer systems from such attacks. To secure their systems and softwares from cyber attacks, organisations need to audit their softwares, web applications, mobile applications, networking systems.

The Cyber Security Audits help the organisation to improve their security measures at every level i.e design phase, implementation phase and production testing phase.



Credit card frauds

This Cyber Crime involves stealing credit card information of a user either through computer malware or through phishing attacks...

Cyber Pornography

Under Section 67 of the Information Technology Act, 2000 making, transmitting and distribution of cyber pornography is an offence.

Cyber Stalking

This Cyber Crime involves stealing credit card information of a user either through computer malware or through phishing attacks...

Email Scams

This is the most rampant form of cyber crime. And commonly it is an online job scam or inheritance scam or online matrimonial scam....


Phishing involves use of fake emails and/or fake websites. Cyber Criminals send emails that appear to be from the customer's bank.....

Trojan Horse

Trojan Horse is a malware which involves embedding a computer virus software program onto the customer's computer or smart phone.....

Virus/Worm Attacks

Viruses are computer programs which attach themselves to other programs of the computer, thereby causing the system to crash or corrupt data.....


Frequently Asked Questions

Internet is believed to be full of anarchy and a system of law and regulation therein seems contradictory. However, cyberspace is being governed by a system of law and regulation called Cyberlaw.
When Internet was developed, the founding fathers of Internet hardly had any inclination that Internet could transform itself into an all-pervading revolution which could be misused for criminal activities and which required regulation. Today, there are many disturbing things happening in cyberspace. Due to the anonymous nature of the Internet, it is possible to engage into a variety of criminal activities with impunity and people with intelligence, have been grossly misusing this aspect of the Internet to perpetuate criminal activities in cyberspace. Hence the need for Cyberlaws.
Yes, Cyberlaw does concern you. As the nature of Internet is changing and this new medium is being seen as the ultimate medium ever evolved in human history, every activity of yours in Cyberspace can and will have a Cyber legal perspective.
Today, the awareness about Cyberlaw is beginning to grow. Many technical experts in the beginning felt that legal regulation of Internet is not necessary. But with the rapid growth of technologies and Internet, it is crystal clear that no activity on Internet can remain free from the influence of Cyberlaw.
Yes, Cyberlaw is constantly being evolved. As new and new opportunities and challenges are surfacing, Cyberlaw, being a constantly evolving process, is suitably modifying itself to fit the call of the time. As the Internet grows, numerous legal issues arise. These issues vary from Domain Names, to Intellectual Property Rights to Electronic Commerce to Privacy to Encryption to Electronic Contracts to Cybercrime to Online Banking to Spamming and so on. The list is very long.
Cyberlaw today, on a global scale, is at an early stage of development. Just as different civilizations and societies in history have taken time to develop and refine their legal systems, in the case of Internet too, it will take some time for Cyberlaws to be fully developed and refined. Different countries in different parts of the world are adopting their own strategies to this new field.
There can be no one exhaustive definition about Cybercrime. However, any activities which basically offend human sensibilities, can also be included in its ambit. Child Pornography on the Internet constitutes one serious Cybercrime. Similarly, online paedophiles, using internet to induce minor children into sex, are as much Cybercriminals as any others.