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Information Technology Law Audits

We are the only organization in India offering a comprehensive Information Technology Law Compliance Audit. This audit would enable you to know the level of risk and compliance your organization currently has. Post the audit we also give recommendations for complete compliance and risk mitigation.

Under the Information Technology Act, 2000 the penalty for failure to protect databases and failure to maintain reasonable security practices by Corporate is upto Rs. 5 Crores where the jurisdiction lies before the Adjudicating Officer and above Rs. 5 Crores where the jurisdiction is before the High Court for each non-compliance.

# Compliances Bank Insurance E-Commerce Manufacturing Telco BPO KPO Retail
1 Privacy Law Compliance
2 Cyber Safety Audit
3 Intellectual Property Rights in Cyberspace Compliance
4 Intellectual Cyber Security And Data Management Compliance
5 SMS Integration (Customer or Prospect Outreach Compliance)
6 Payment Gateway Compliance
7 Generally Acceptable Reasonable Security Standards Compliance (ISO/BS Etc)
8 Intermediary Guidelines Compliance