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Multistate Cooperative Society

Legal Guidance & Licensing Solution For Multistate Coopearative Society

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Multistate co.operative society registration

If your file Rejected by Department

we will Help you out to register

Will Guide You For
  • Election Procedure.
  • PMLA Guidelines, so that you will not be questioned by Enforcement Agency.
  • Branch Opening Permission.
  • Amendment of All Kinds.
  • Criminal Litigation Against your society.



Registration & Licencing

Registration & Licencing for Credit Society, Group Housing Society, Consumer Co-operative Society, marketing co-operative society.


Legal Advisory

Without following legal path for running MSCS can put you in real trouble, We help you to run your society as per MSCS Act 2002.We will help you by providing information on different Act and run your society smoothly.


Amendment & Election

As per MSCS Act 2002,you cann't start anything new in your society until unless your bye laws being amended .Electiopn also major role in MSCS ,So we do take care of your election procedure and amendment.


Credit Society to Bank

In the co-operative banking hierarchy of Primary, Central and State co-operative banks, several banks including....


Loan for your society via Nabard

We help you arranging loans from different Institution like NABARD, NCHF, NCDC & few others. Society like Agro, Housing can get benefit.



  • Q. 01

    How to register multistate cooperative society ?

  • Q. 02

    Is Multistate cooperative society coming under SEBI & RBI ?

  • Q. 03

    How you can raise deposit from member In RD, FD, SAVINGS ?

  • Q. 04

    Can one multistate cooperative society run chain marketing ?

  • Q. 05

    How much tax one multistate cooperative society should pay ?

  • Q. 06

    Can one multistate cooperative society convert into bank ?

  • Q. 07

    Can one multistate credit cooperative society use money in realestate or In any other business except loan ?

  • Q. 08

    How many types of multistate cooperative society you can register ?

As per MSCSAct 2002, you can register different kind of Multistate Co-Op Society which will operate in more than one state. Objective of the society will decide it's name & Application procedure.


Consultancy For Housing / Agriculture / Credit / Marketing Co-operative Society :

"Detailed Services of Multi State Credit Cooperative Society Related to Legal Side & Cooperative Advisory"

Broadly Our consultancy includes :

  • Scheme Preparation help for member As per Society Act.
  • Commission Plan for Advisor.
  • How to run your Branch ?
  • Branch Regulation ?
  • Branch Documentation .
  • Branch Running Procedure.
  • T & C for Advisor.
  • T & C for member.
  • Format of Member join.
  • Format of General Member Join.
  • Account opening form.
  • All withdrawal procedure, terms and condition.
  • Pass Book preparation as per regulation.

Procedure for Registration of a Multi-State Cooperative Society

An application for registration of a Multi-State Cooperative society shall be made in the prescribed form

The application shall be signed by
  • In the case of a multi-state Cooperative society of which all the members are individuals, by at least fifty persons from each of the states concerned.
  • In case the members are Cooperative Societies, by duly authorised representatives on behalf of at least five such societies as are not registered in the same state;
  • In case the members are other Multi-State Cooperative Societies and other Cooperative Societies, by duly authorised representatives of each of such societies; However, not less than two of the co-operative societies referred to in this clause, shall be such as are not registered in the same State.
  • If the members are cooperative societies or multi-state Cooperative societies and individuals, by at least (i) fifty persons, being individuals from each of the two states or more and; (ii) one Cooperative society each from two states or more or one Multi-state Cooperative society.
The application shall be accompanied by
  • four copies of the proposed Bye-laws.of the Multistate cooperative society.,duly signed by each of the persons who sign the application.
  • Name of the proposed multi-state cooperative society.
  • Head Quarters and address to be registered.
  • a list of persons who have contributed to the share capital, together with the amount contributed by each of them, and the admission fee paid by them.
  • Area of operation.
  • Main objectives
  • a certificate from the Bank or banks stating the credit balance in favour of the proposed multistate cooperative society.
  • a scheme showing the details explaining how the working of the multi-State co-operative society will be economically sound and the registration of such multi-State co-operative society will be beneficial for social and economic betterment of its members through self-help and mutual aid in accordance with the co-operative principles
  • certified copy of the resolution of the promoters which shall specify the name and address of one of the applicants to whom the Central Registrar may address correspondence under the rules before registration and dispatch or hand over registration documents.

The relevant application forms can be obtained from the nearest Office of Registrar of Cooperatives

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