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  • Advice on Challenging existing or proposed business strategies
  • Long term strategic advice & direction.
  • Business coaching and innovative thinking
  • Introductions to key contacts within network
  • Advisor to key management and stakeholders.
  • Peace of mind for investors
About Us

Services For Non Executive Directors

In addition to ensuring the compliance's with general and specific laws, a director has to take care of other company's operations as well, primary duty being towards the shareholders. A director's duty is to exercise the powers and duties with the care and diligence in respect to ensuring the financial position of the company, in good faith and in the best interests of the company. They are primarily required to encourage and promote the sincerest investment and best efforts in the organization in order to have an efficient and prudent corporate management. Thus, a director should act in a good faith and should be involved in promoting the objects of the company, for the benefits of the company a whole, and in the best interests of the stakeholders.

Therefore a well-defined and customized service is required by the non-executive directors. Also detailed review and analysis of financial and corporate management is eminent for an organization to grow as a whole. There are multi- dimensional businesses to be conducted by the directors, such as mergers, restructuring, fund raising, etc.

For this, assistance and cooperation is provided by us in the areas of good governance and provide with the reports, summaries and other matters as required.