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Online Reputation Management

Our Firm is the best in the Industry in Online Reputation Management and Legal Redressal.

Before getting into the legal actions for online reputation damages let's look what online reputation means? and how anyone can damage it?

Online reputation means, a reputation of a company, product, person on the internet. This reputation can be impacted by the content distributed by the organisation or by the reactions of and interactions with web users, activity on social media, etc. Also, online reputation can get damaged when someone else copies your brand name, logo and makes fake websites.

No one can block anyone from writing anything about anyone online, typically without any consequence. So, a jealous competitor can anonymously write a critical blog post or angry client can write horrible review for your business without recourse.

We can stop online reputation damages by following ways:

  • Terms and Conditions/Guidelines Violations

    Most websites have defined set of terms and conditions. Every user of the website has to follow such terms and conditions. If there is any negative content on a site that violates their terms and condition, you can report the content directly to the website for moderation. If the moderator believes the content is in violation, they will remove it. You can take our help to report content effectively.

  • Copyright Infringement - Take down notice

    Initially a Copyright holder can issue Takedown Notice to an internet provider stating that the concerned website hosts any content which infringes the right of copyright holder. We specialize in drafting and serving such legal notices.

  • Court Order

    We can remove false and defamatory content from search results is through a court order. Generally, when a website is presented with the court order stating that the content they are hosting has been declared defamatory by a court of law, the website will mostly remove it from the web page/link. This legal recourse is followed by us when the Take down notice is not complied with by the offender.

  • Stipulated Judgment

    In special circumstances obtaining stipulated judgement is the best option for a client. Stipulated Judgment is an agreement between the parties to the case, which settles the case. Such agreement becomes a court judgement when the judge sanction it. We have vast experience in such cases too.

    Stipulated judgement is mostly used in following scenario:

    When a website that hosts user, generated content has policies that state once something has been posted on their website, it will never be removed – even in the event the original poster wants to remove or retract false/defamatory information that they posted. Unfortunately, websites can legally do this. If defamatory content is found on such websites, then obtaining a stipulated judgement is one of the quickest way to remove defamatory content.

  • Cease and Desist Letter

    When after serving notice or sending a report to website where false or defamatory content present then we can serve this letter, which essentially warn their recipients that if they do not end their harmful conduct or perform requested action within the specified period, the sender will proceed with litigation.

    Cease and Desist can be draft to accomplish following:
    • Demand removal of defamatory statement online.
    • Send to individual to stop posting defamatory statement online
    • Make the person aware that the complainant is prepared to proceed with the lawsuit.
    • Litigation

      A victim of Online Defamation can claim damages by the way of litigation in past reputation damaged and we handle the entire Litigation from both Civil Defamation Suit to Criminal Defamation Complaint.

    • Online Reputation Check

      Our Firm has a department which actively scouts the internet by use of tools for Defamatory content or Identity theft of our Clients and we actively advise them and issue Legal notices on their behalf to offending parties.